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TELEO Capital Management, LLC (“TELEO”) is excited to announce a new social impact initiative being launched in partnership with CareerSpring, an organization that works to unlock the employment potential of first-generation college students and by doing so enriching America’s workforce. The partnership with CareerSpring will empower TELEO to increase social engagement, have a direct impact on the community, and reap the immeasurable rewards of volunteerism that so many of us yearn for.

Consistent with TELEO’s ESG & Community Initiatives, the Firm is committed to partnering with organizations like CareerSpring, whose missions center around giving individuals a hand-up, rather than a handout.

More about CareerSpring 

While we have growing education and income inequality in our country, there are increasing numbers of low-income children rising above the challenges of their socio-economic limitations and becoming the first in their family to attend college. In fact, today more than 30% of the 17 million students enrolled in undergraduate programs across the US are ‘first generation college students.’ These students have followed our guidance and leveraged years of investments in education to reach this milestone. Despite their grit and determination, however, first generation college graduates have unequal access to the information and social capital necessary to gain high-quality employment. Consequently, most of them go on to be under-employed – accepting jobs beneath their capacity and incredible potential. Meanwhile, our labor market is rapidly evolving, making it incumbent upon employers to find diverse, high-quality candidates in more effective and efficient ways. 

CareerSpring addresses the combined needs of first-generation college students and our rapidly evolving labor market as an incredible opportunity – an opportunity to facilitate the movement of underemployed Americans into jobs that maximize their potential, provide a living wage and importantly, the dignity of meaningful work. 

With CareerSpring, TELEO joins a network of other employers, colleges, high schools, and community organizations, to help provide the career information, social capital, and job placement services that will unlock the employment potential of first-generation students.

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